Getting Started with Points and Miles

A Lazy Person's Guide

Do you want to travel the world for less but with as little effort as possible?

This course has got you covered!

Imagine if you could fly roundtrip in business class to Europe for under $300.

Or take your family to an all-inclusive resort for $0.

Or spend 3 nights in a Paris hotel for $0.

Well, these are actual trips I've taken using points and miles, saving me over $13,000.

The best part? I did it by being strategic with my everyday spending.

And guess what? You can do it too!

What are Points and Miles?

Points and Miles are the money you get from loyalty programs.

Whenever you pay money to stay at a hotel or fly with an airline, if you've signed up for their loyalty program, you're earning points and miles.

And what's awesome about points and miles is that you can use them to pay for hotel stays or flights.

But if you're not a frequent traveler, it can take a long time to earn enough points and miles to cover a full trip.

Here's a secret:

Spending money with the hotel or airline loyalty programs is NOT the only way to earn points and miles.

By just being strategic with your everyday spending (that's right, no unnecessary spending required), you can earn thousands of points and miles with very little effort.

Bringing you closer to a FREE (or almost free) Trip!

The best part? You can do this even if you're "Lazy"!

Are you ready to learn how?

Hey there, I'm Genni

And I will teach you how to explore the world
without paying full price, with as little effort as possible.

I've been earning points and miles and using them to pay for travel since 2015.

I have saved thousands of dollars on travel, visiting over 30 states and 10 countries.

I have a background in hospitality, working with companies like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG.

My true passion is teaching others how to travel more for less because everyone deserves to take their PTO and explore the world on their own budget!

So if you're ready to travel without paying full price, I'll show you how!

What you'll get from this course:

Demystifying Points and Miles

Say goodbye to the myths and misconceptions. I'll break down the jargon, explain the tricks, and show you how easy it can be to earn points and miles.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Rewards

I get it; you don't want to juggle a million programs or keep track of complex bonus categories. This lazy person's approach focuses on simple and effective strategies to earn points on everyday spending.

No Competition, Only Progress

This is not a race; it's about enjoying the journey and the destination. You don't need to know or do it all to win.

What Students are Saying?

"Genni makes points and miles accessible and understandable. She breaks down not only the benefits of travel but also the actionable steps to afford luxury travel on a budget. I'm looking forward to planning and booking my next trip with her helpful advice and insight."

"I just finished Genni’s points and miles course, and, wow, it’s a game changer! Genni broke everything down so well, and the resources were top-notch! I've already jumped on a few programs, and I can feel those free trips coming my way. Big thanks, Genni!"

"I love the idea of points and miles, but I am not a fan of the time it feels like it takes to really get those good deals. Genni does a great job of keeping it simple while giving you all the building blocks you need to get points and miles your way. I learned a lot about how to get started and how to earn miles and points even when I am not traveling."

This course is for you if:

  • You are new to points and miles and don't know where to begin.

  • You have no idea what points and miles are, but you want to save money on travel.

  • You've started, but are still confused about points/miles and how loyalty programs work.

  • You're not sure that you are ready for new credit cards yet, but you want to learn about points and miles

What's included in the course?

  • 4 Modules with Videos

  • Workbook

  • Short and Fun Quizzes and Assignments

Grab Getting Started with Points and Miles!

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